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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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Academic Workshops For Colleges



EXO TEACH Ltd Registered England & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710

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College Workshop Prices

(Day Rate - 6 Hours)


Hourly Rate £60 - Day Rate £300


We also offer this type of session without the aid of practical workshops. This means the session would only include presentations, demonstrations and group tasks.


Not Including Practical Workshops


Hourly Rate £50 - Day Rate £200


We offer a selection of workshops for colleges to offer to their students. These sessions can include a diverse range of teaching resources including presentations, demonstrations, group activities and practical tasks!


Workshops provide professional interactive learning experiences that specialise in a diverse range of animal science topics.


Our sessions can correspond with qualifications such as BTEC and City and Guilds. Sessions can surround a wide variety of topics Including natural habitats, animal enrichment, animal nutrition / food chains, current conservation issues, animal behaviour, exotic animal captive management / welfare, introduction in herpetology, UK animal legislation and animal handling / restraint techniques.


Our sessions are delivered by our experienced animal instructors who have achieved animal management and PTLLS teaching qualifications. This allows all workshops to be tailor-made to suit all levels of education,


When booking please inform us of your chosen topic(s), the overall length of the session, the students age group and number of the students participating.



What Do Our Advanced Workshop(s) Include?



The session's schedule and resources can be chosen by you!


Example - A 4-hour long session could contain 4 x 1-hour long workshops, 2 x 2-hour long workshops or just 1 x - hour long workshop.


Presentations / Lectures - Range of PowerPoint presentations via a smart board.


Demonstrations - Practical demonstrations explaining practical tasks, or instructors working with specialist species not suitable for student practical tasks.


Practical Tasks - Range of tasks such as handling & restraint, enclosure design, health check procedures and animal record systems.


Group Tasks - Designing posters, completion of fact sheets and missing word documents, group debates and research activities.


Our sessions also include an exotic animal display which exhibits a range of animal species from around the world, educational signage emphasising on conservation topics and interactive learning activities such as touch tables and video displays.



Advanced practical workshops involve completing tasks with a range of live specimens. This helps to improve on confidence and skills such as group work!



Animals include a range of reptile, invertebrate and amphibian species.


How do we exhibit our animals - Our exotic animal display exhibits a variety of exotic animal species housed in Exo Terra glass terrariums. All enclosures are accompanied by educational signs that allows participants to read and learn about the individual species, along with general knowledge surrounding exotic animal husbandry and worldwide conservation projects,


This static display allows us to bring a selection of specialist species that are not suitable for practical tasks. It also allows participants who do not want to participate in any practical tasks, a fantastic opportunity to still get up close with a range of exotic animals whilst they stay inside their enclosures.