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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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Can I just turn up and visit the education centre without booking? - No all sessions held at our education centre must be pre-booked in advance.


Why is your group number set to only 12 visitors? - Our education centre is split into a selection of separate rooms, all designed for small groups to take part in practical training opportunities. In order to make your visit as personal and enjoyable as possible we have limited the group size to 12.


But I want to bring a school class / youth group? - This may still be possible. If you wish to bring a group larger than 12 visitors, please contact us for more information.


How / when do I pay for my visit? -  All sessions can be paid for upon arrive at our education centre. Unfortunately, we do not have a card machine at the facility.


I want my Encounter Session to last longer than 90 minutes - We also offer a selection of training courses, covering a range of animal management topics. Find more information about our different training options by our education centres drop down menu.


Is your education centre pram/wheelchair friendly? Unfortunately, due to H&S, we are unable to allow electric wheelchairs, scooters and pram access into our education centre.


I'm travelling from far away to visit. What else is there locally to experience? - We are located on the Wirral in Birkenhead. Other local public attractions include, Spaceport, The U Boat Storey, Birkenhead History Museum / Trams and the Mersey Ferry Crouse. We are approximately a 5-minute walk away from Hamilton Square Train Station and Woodside Bus Station. The local area also holds a large variety of food outlets, as well as easy and quick routes into Liverpool City Centre.


Can I meet your owls whilst visiting? - Unfortunately, our owls are not exhibited at our education centre and are only used as part of our outreach education programme.


Can I hold a snake around my neck? - Sorry no. EXO TEACH only allows participants of sessions the opportunity to hold animals by fully supporting them with both hands.


Does / will any animals bite? - We only use animals for interactive sessions that have been well handled and have a clear bite history. However, these animals do have teeth, claws and just like a cat or a dog can bite if provoked.


Can I hold a tarantulas, scorpions and centipedes? - Sorry no, these specimens are only used as exhibit animals and resources for advanced training courses.


Can I bring food & drink into the education centre? Yes food and drink is permitted inside the classroom and kitchen area.


What if someone harms or drops an animal? - The wellbeing and safety of our animals comes first during all sessions. We understand that accidents happen but will not tolerate any abustive behaviour towards our animals or instructors. Anyone who intentionally harms an animal or is abusive towards an instructor will be asked to leave the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions - Exotic Animal Education Centre

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Phone - 0151 650 0710

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