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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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Can you attend outside events? - We can only attend outside events if we are situated inside a marque. We ask that all events / activities that involve live animals are held in a suitable environment.  (E.g. not close to loud music or food due to both human hygiene and animal welfare reasons).  


What will I need to provide / get ready for you before you arrive? - We only require 2 tables and access to 1 power source.


Can I choose what animals come to my event? - If you have a particular interest in a certain species please make us aware whilst booking. We always try our best to bring requested animals but being live animals, it depends on their circumstance on the day. E.g. reptiles may be in shed. We always aim to bring a wide selection of species.


Can I hold a snake around my neck? - Sorry no. We only allow people the opportunity to handle animals by fully supporting them with both hands.


Can I stroke your owls? - Unfortunately, our owls cannot be touched or stroked. However, we do people over 5 years old the opportunity to have an owl sit on their hand while wearing a falconry glove.


Do you give your animals a break whilst you attend events? - Yes. We rotate our animals that are bring used for interactive workshops every 20 minutes, providing them with a 20-mintue break.


Do your animals have heat or lighting while at events? Yes, dependent on the weather during the session. We always have heating/lighting equipment available during sessions. All Exo Terra terrariums come to events with their lighting canopies.


Does / will any animals bite? - We only use animals for hands-on workshops that have been well habituated with human contact and have no history of biting. However, these animals do have teeth, and like any cat / dog can bite is provoked or put under stress.


Can I hold a tarantula? - We do not allow the handling of tarantulas at events;  however, instructors are on hand to remove tarantulas out of their enclosures for people to gain a closer look. We do not recommend anyone with asthma or who is allergic to bee stings to take part in close encounters with any tarantula species.


Do your animals live in the same enclosures used during outreach sessions? - Some of our smaller species of invertebrate and amphibian that are brought to events in Exo Terra glass terrariums, do live in them on a permanent basis. All reptiles that are brought in RUB's are returned to wooden vivariums. which contain the correct heating and lighting requirements.


What if someone harms or drops an animal? - The wellbeing and safety of our animals comes first during sessions. We understand that accidents happen but will not tolerate any bad behaviour towards our animals and staff. Anybody who internally harms an animal or is abusive to an instructor will be asked to leave the session / event area.

Frequently Asked Questions - Outreach Education Programme

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