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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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The EXO TEACH Exotic Animal Education Centre is a private training facility not open to the general public. The only times in which the centre can be viewed is within the context of pre-booked sessions, workshops and training courses.


However, during the summer months, EXO TEACH makes an exception and opens its doors to the general public for a number of open days. These events allow visitors access to areas only usually available to EXO TEACH members.


The Wirral’s only DWA licensed facility to care for a collection of the world's most VENOMOUS REPTILES!



the natural world and its inhabitants!


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The welfare of our animals comes before ALL public enjoyment. 


Please note - before booking a session please ensure that your venue is indoors

(or under shelter), has a power supply and is suitable for live animals.


Encounter the World of Exotic Animals Up Close and Personal! 


Public liability insurance, risk assessments and instructor qualifications can be provided upon request.


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Why not book our team to visit you at your venue or event!

Available across the Wirral and surrounding areas!


Key Stage 1 - 4, College & University Sessions

(Lectures, demonstrations and practical workshops)

All sessions can be tailor-made to correspond with BTEC, City in Guild and degree work schemes that include animal science modules. All academic sessions are conducted by EXO TEACH instructors who have achieved both animal management and teaching qualifications.


Key Stage 1-4 - presentations, demonstrations & practical workshops


College / Universities - lectures & practical workshops


Topics can include natural habitats, animal enrichment, nutrition, conservation, animal behaviour, husbandry/welfare, introduction into minibeasts, understanding the rainforest and effects of pollution.


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We will match ANY like for like quote...

If you have any questions. please feel free to contact us!

Informal Learning Experiences for all ages!

(Community events, public exhibits & youth workshops)

Why not book us to attend your fundraising event? Our unforgettable interactive experience is suitable for all ages and will be THE activity everybody talks about!


Sessions focus on exotic animal education and conservation topics to help improve awareness about key issues!


Animals that we can bring along include - snakes, lizards, tortoise, toads, snails, tarantulas, salamanders, cockroaches, millipedes, frogs, scorpions and a barn owl!


This type of session can be booked by anybody including national museums, garden centres, country parks, shopping centres and community festivals and fundraising activities.


EXO TEACH Ltd Registered England & Wales number: 8505099 a Company Limited by Guarantee

Phone - 0151 650 0710



Booking EXO TEACH to attend your establishment, organisation or event will provide your students, visitors or participants with an unforgettable learning experience brought to you by a team of qualified animal instructors who have previously worked within the zoological industry.


EXO TEACH outreach events provide participants with a unique and interactive, welfare friendly approach to learning about exotic animal topics, through various presentations, exhibits, talks and practical workshops.


Events are suitable for all ages and have been designed to expand participants knowledge about exotic animal welfare topics, along with our current five conservation campaigns. These opportunities are a great opportunity to help encourage people to take an active role in protecting the natural world and its inhabitants.