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Exotic Animal Conservation Through Education

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The safety of all our animals comes first over public enjoyment! Exo Teach will not tolerate any bad behaviour or abuse towards our staff or our animals. If this occurs you will be asked to leave the premises. No refund on admission fee will be issued.


1. Booking:


1.1 All visits and workshops at the Exo Teach Exotic Animal Education & Welfare Centre must be pre booked before arrival.


1.2 All visitors must be  at least 18 years old to enter without an adults supervision.


1.3 Prices are subject to change without notice, any bookings already taken will be charged at the agreed amount.


1.4 Bookings for group worksops over 8 visitors are subject to a 50% deposit, payable at the time of booking.


1.5 Deposits are none refundable.


1.6 All remaining fees are due on arrival before entry. If you cancel a group workshop within 5 days of the event date, the full balance would still be payable.



2. Workshops / Activities:


2.1 Children must be at least 7 years old to participate in workshops.


2.2 During visits from schools & colleges we insist that atleast 1 member of staff from the establishment is in attendance at all times during activities.


2.3 We limit the number of attendees to 8 per visit unless pre-arranged with ourselves.


2.4 Hygiene and safety rules set out at the beginning of each visit must be adhered to by all in attendance.


2.5 Exo Teach does not take any responsibility for any injuries / damage to clothing caused by handling animals. Animals are held at the individuals own risk.


2.6 On arrival it is the visitors responsibility to ask for a free parking pass in order to use our car park. Exo Teach holds no responsibilities for fixed penalty notices. Parking is at the owners own risk.


2.7 A disclaimer must be signed before any hands on opportunities. We recommend that nobody with asthma or bee / wasp allergies, takes part in activities involving tarantulas & scorpions.


2.8  It is the responsibility of the establishment/client (school, college, youth group) to obtain parental permission for students / children under 18 years old to handle animals.


2.9 We ask that no visitors open any animal enclosures and or feed any of our animal.


3.0 Any damage caused by any visitors to the education centre,  must be paid for in full within 5 working days.


3.1 Workshops must stay strict to their set time limit. E.g 1 hour workshops must last 60 minutes.


3.2 No Visitors are to enter the DWA room without an authorised  member of Exo Teach staff.





Terms & Conditions (Visiting Our Education Centre)

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